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  Introducing SIRS® Issues Researcher

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Introducing SIRS Issues Researcher

For more than 35 years, SIRS has sought out the best, most relevant information to encourage dialogue and critical thinking about the major issues of our society.

Watch a Fall 2009 video podcast showing off the all-new SIRS Issues Researcher from ProQuest The debate continues with the all new SIRS Issues Researcher! Here, the issues are front and center—no matter what side you take.

The all-new version went live this summer!
(View teaser plus Fall enewsletter and podcast)

Watch as a slideshow; View as a PDF with notes


Stick to the issues with best-of information organized around the issues most studied and debated by students. Our editors compile content from more than 1,700 global full-text, statistical, web, and multimedia, sources—all actively selected to help you go from the "what's" to the "why's" of an issue.
See our sources (Video)


View the issues in context with a clear, editorially-organized structure that helps you pick a topic and understand its historical origins, related issues, global perspectives, and the essential questions under debate. It's everything you need to see the whole story on over 300 features pro/con issues.
Explore an issue (Video)


Connect to comprehensive online tools that help you engage in meaningful "21st-century learning." Use collaborative aids, like social bookmarking and note organizers, to discuss and share ideas. Use research tools, like critical thinking questions and media streams, to create, present, and even mash-up your ideas.
Experience the tools (PDF)

Need more information about SIRS Issues Researcher? Download a printable flyer, fresh access icons and other "spread the word" materials, or contact ProQuest for more details.


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