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  Supporting 21st Century Literacy & Skills

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To support 21st century learning with P21, AASL, and ISTE, start at the school content experts: ProQuest

Watch our 5 C's of 21st Century Learning video here... ProQuest has developed a set of online teaching and learning resources that support several major initiatives to integrate 21st Century Skills into today's K-12 learning environments.

We know these initiatives are changing the way teachers teach and students learn, and our trusted online research solutions offer the teaching tools and educator-selected content that schools and libraries require to meet these new demands.

Watch a short video showing how ProQuest solutions address the 5 C's of 21st Century Skills.

Most major school reform recommendations call for a paradigm shift in teaching and learning that focuses on the use of the Internet and technology to develop 21st Century Literacy and Skills. (These reform movements also call for more student-centered resources (lexile reading levels) and a greater focus on differentiated instruction.)

State standards are currently being revamped to include these new literacies and skills, and several education-oriented organizations have recently release helpful resources, including:
  • The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has already developed both teacher and students standards specifically spelling out these skills. (Learn more.)

  • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a voluntary organization of 15 states (and growing) whose governors have adopted policies (more) that commit to education reform. ProQuest is a professional development affiliate of this Partnership, which supports the integration of 21st century skills into all aspects of teaching and learning. (Are you a P21 state? Ask about P21 certified training to match usage of your ProQuest subscriptions with the tenets of P21.)

  • The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has recently adopted a new set of standards for students (details) that integrate 21st Century Skills.
We're proud to offer a new set of ProQuest user guides which provide specific information about how our teaching and learning solutions (including eLibrary, SIRS, CultureGrams, and ProQuest platform research tools) support the vision and specific standards of these organizations. Click each icon to access the guides:

ProQuest Research Tools and AASL Standards for Students     ProQuest's eLibrary Solution and 21st Century Skills     ProQuest Solutions and ISTE Standards for Teachers     ProQuest Solutions and ISTE Standards for Students

eLibrary NCLB Stimulus Flyer PDF SIRS Discoverer NCLB Stimulus Flyer PDF CultureGrams NCLB Stimulus Flyer PDF eLibrary Product Information eLibrary Competition Comparison Spreadsheet SIRS Discoverer Product Information SIRS Discoverer At A Glance Guide CultureGrams Product Information CultureGrams Short Video Overview

eLibrary BookCarts Support Teacher Education & CEUs

eLibrary BookCart learning activities are great for students and ProQuest offers hundreds of free models to help teachers deliver effective inquiry-based learning activities to students.

But, did you know that they are also excellent for school leaders to use as part of professional development activities for teachers? BookCarts can be customized to include articles and websites that focus on topics that teachers need to learn more about to implement 21st Century education reforms into their classrooms: Differentiating Instruction, Internet Safety for Students, and 21st Century Literacy and Skills, Librarian-Teacher Collaboration, as examples.

eLibrary contains more than 100 education-related as well as hundreds of subject area specific publications that provide the current information needed to include in a convenient package of learning resources for teachers.

These BookCarts can include specific Challenge Questions to support assessments that are often required when CEUs are offered. These Challenge TeacherCarts can be used as preparation for, or as a follow-up to a school-based CEU professional development program. ProQuest has created more than 30 models that can be copied and adapted for use by school leaders such a curriculum directors, staff developers, principals, and department chairs, to implement effective professional development activities. Librarians can copy these TeacherCarts and help promote their use:
  • Logon to your eLibrary Teacher Edition.
  • Click the BookCart Admin link of the Teacher Edition (top right).
  • Click the ProQuest Carts tab.
  • Click the folder on the left side "Prof Dev--Teachers."
  • Click the Copy icon in the Actions column to the right of title of interest.
  • Click Return to My Local Carts.
  • Repeat the procedure for any other TeacherCarts of interest.
  • Note: your new BookCarts will have "Copy of" as its prefix
To edit and tailor the TeacherCart for your faculty to use:
  • Click your new TeacherCart Title--it will have the prefix "Copy of."
  • Delete "Copy of" and then type your name in the Author boxes and your email.
  • Optional: Edit the challenge questions in the Description box.
  • Optional: Include specific directions for teachers to use in the Description box.
  • Scroll down and click Save.
  • Return to My Local Carts.
  • Note: Teachers will be able to open this TeacherCart by clicking the BookCart tab on the search page.
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