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      May 2007


Enclosed is this month's free newsletter for eLibrary® subscribers. This newsletter is designed to help teachers, librarians, and administrators stay informed about the latest changes to their subscriptions, while providing classroom resources and giving tips for using their ProQuest CSA solutions in a variety of settings.

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Our product development team is constantly reviewing customer feedback and making changes to our learning resources to meet your needs. Several updates to our eLibrary family of products were recently completed, and we wanted to bring them to your attention.

eLibrary Posters

Looking for a fresh, colorful poster to put up in your media center or classroom to encourage use of your eLibrary subscription?

Snag either the 8.5 X 11 or 11 X 17 versions of our new eLibrary posters today.

Newsletter Upgrades Ahead: August Relaunch

Over the past few months, our content and design teams have been working tirelessly to update our monthly newsletters. The result: all-new designs, new titles covering history and elementary topics, and more!

1. New, easier-to-read designs -- Next school year, all-new versions of our newsletters will arrive in your emailbox.

The new versions are designed to be a smaller, more concise, and easier to read, with clear links to “the full story.” That means much less searching, reading, and scrolling. We’ve also separated the solution-specific information from our generic content and other items to save you time.

2. Less email -- Each newsletter will only be sent 3-4 times during the year, instead of the current monthly cycle. Plus, SIRS ChallengeQuests and SIRS Spotlights will now be offered inside ProQuest Teachable Moments -- another step towards reducing the total number of messages you may receive.

3. New newsletters -- Interested in history or elementary-focused content?

Our new History Happenings and Explorations newsletters make it easy to tap into our history (Historical Newspapers, History Study Center, SIRS Decades, World Conflicts Today) and elementary-level solutions (eLibrary Elementary, SIRS Discoverer).

4. State-specific versions -- Instead of signing up for several newsletters that cover the two or more state-wide ProQuest CSA solutions you may currently receive, we’re offering a slate of state-specific newsletters that cover them all in a single message. This will also reduce the amount of emails you receive from us, while increasing the relevance and usability of each issue.

The state newsletters being developed currently cover Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Utah. More states will be added in the coming months based on how these initial offerings fare.

5. Fresh content and updates -- We’re also working hard to shake up our content offerings to ensure the usefulness and applicability of every article.

Don’t miss out! Connect to our newsletters subscription page and update your profile to add our fresh slate of newsletters which debut in August. To see the full list of newsletters and sign up someone who’s new to our newsletters, connect to this page.

Have a question, idea, or concern? Let us know by sending a message to today.

New Science Content: NYT Science Times

Our popular eLibrary Science solution now offers access to the New York Times – Science Times section. This material appears every Tuesday, offering topical science coverage in an easy-to-read format which is the perfect compliment to our academic peer reviewed journals.

School librarians were very vocal in their request for this material, and we’re proud to be the only K-12 science research solution providing access to this top-rated material.

All 2006 content is complete; 2007 is in our production que.

To find the material, login to eLibrary Science (or sign up for a free trial), select Publications browse, then click the Magazine icon. Once the content is complete, this material will appear under the Newspapers icon.

ProQuest Civil War Era: Launched

ProQuest Civil War Era, a new digital resource that makes researching the American Civil War and its context more direct and complete than ever before, is now available from ProQuest CSA.

ProQuest Civil War Era is the first research solution to collect, digitize and combine in a single search platform the era's key newspapers and activist publications, creating a comprehensive view of not only the years of battle, but also the factors leading to war.
  • Why did territorial expansion fuel the slavery argument to the point of civil war?
  • Was there more to the Southern argument than just a defense of slavery?
  • What were the reasons for Northern aversion to the Lincoln administration?
  • Was Emancipation driven by great humanitarian impulses or the necessities of war?
More than just battles, ProQuest Civil War Era explores the key political and social viewpoints of the period as well.

Available on the ProQuest platform, ProQuest Civil War Era can be cross-searched with ProQuest Historical Newspapers and American Periodicals Series Online. For more information, preview the ProQuest Civil War Demo today.

"While a plethora of Civil War resources are available, ProQuest Civil War Era is the only one to digest coverage of both the 4-years of military battle and the 'war of words' that severed North from South into a truly comprehensive resource, said Barbara Beach, vice president of publishing for ProQuest CSA. "The content in this collection has been digitized material previously available only in print or film formats, fulfilling a growing need for primary source material related to the Civil War and its historical and societal context."

You can reach a ProQuest CSA representative at 1.800.521.0600 EXT. 3344, or via email to

eLibrary Podcast: BookCart Basics

No matter which version of eLibrary your school receives, the integrated BookCart tool makes it easy to integrate digital resources and assessments into daily curricular use.

This month’s eLibrary podcast will show you how to get started with BookCarts in your classroom or media center. Whether you’ve had access to eLibrary for years or just a few weeks, this video will quickly show you how to get up to speed with this critical tool.

To view this month's video, subscribe to a ProQuest CSA podcast channel today. Plus, don’t miss our free monthly Web training sessions, which are eligible for CEU credit.

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What’s the best way to wave bye-bye to winter?

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The warmer weather energizes everyone to get outside and recreate through a variety of competitive and individual recreation and sports activities.

We’re finally seeing joggers, bikers, golfers, and team sports come outdoors to shake off winter doldrums. All of these activities provide the opportunity to increase fitness levels naturally, including less active but satisfying activities such as gardening and lawn mowing.

Activity: The topics of physical fitness and disease prevention go hand in hand. Mini-research activities that focus on these connected topics/issues are a good change of pace for students especially in health and physical education classes.

Fortunately for teachers, our model BookCarts provide an easy way to create engaging mini-research activities for students. Each BookCart provides a variety of resources that are correlated to several essential questions for critical thinking. Teachers can assign these questions and create their own to ensure that students go beyond their fact-focused textbook learning. Students have an opportunity to develop their own reasoned conclusions about issues that affect them, their friends, and family.

Here is a sample of ProQuest CSA model BookCarts that can jump-start teachers and students on the issues of physical fitness and disease prevention:
  • Drug Abuse and Prevention for Teens: High School
  • Life Extension and Reversing Aging: High School
  • Building Self Esteem: High School
  • Tattoos, Body Piercing and Marking: High School
  • Exercise and Health: Middle School
  • Healthy Food Choices and Junk Food: Middle School
  • Steroids and Athletes: Middle School
Teachers and librarians can copy these and other BookCarts from the Health and Fitness collection. Click ProQuest Carts tab > Health & Phys. Ed. Folder. You can edit each BookCart you copy to remove “Copy of” from the Title in My Local Carts. You should add your name or that of the school to the author boxes before you save it.

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Ann Martha, head librarian at Samuel S. Fels High School in Philadelphia, is one of a growing number of librarians that has created exemplary collections of BookCarts for her teachers to use.

She understands that the key to success for school libraries and librarians in a digital world is to work with teachers to build collections of engaging inquiry-based activities with correlated resources that teachers and students will want to use for learning.

Ann’s outstanding collection of BookCarts was started as the result of a three-day ProQuest eLibrary Professional Development program for Philadelphia school librarians in 2005. The program provided her and other librarians with the strategies, skills, content, and the BookCart tool to help them create engaging BookCart collections for their teaching staff.

This is what Ann had to say about eLibrary and BookCarts:

“During the past year, eLibrary and its BookCarts feature have enabled the senior students at Samuel S. Fels High School to do research for their senior projects. Most of the seniors at Fels High are busy young men and women who juggle schoolwork with part-time employment."

"BookCarts provide convenient access to a wealth of quality journal publications and references which is important for students who have been underserved by a very small library collection and who do not have ample personal time to get books and use research databases provided by public library services."

"Lexile scoring of the articles enables me to select ProQuest CSA materials that accommodate a wide range of student abilities. With all the School District of Philadelphia BookCarts available for searching, I can see how teachers in other high schools work with similar curricular topics. I have also taught students to search eLibrary and to use its email feature to send themselves "My Lists" of articles they have retrieved. Because so many teachers in the School District of Philadelphia have used eLibrary successfully, I am happy to know that my eLibrary subscription will continue to serve the students I teach.”

View a list of Ann’s exemplary BookCarts (PDF) today!

Note the variety of curriculum areas and teachers that she is supporting with her BookCarts. You may also want to note that you can preview and copy or share Ann’s BookCarts by using the Advanced Search function in BookCart Editor > Author = Ann Martha.

Learn how to copy any or all of these exemplary BookCarts at our special information page.

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Our professional development training program is a complete package that delivers the key processes to ensure successful program implementation, and the content to support ongoing use and customization across the entire curriculum.

The CEU-eligible program provides educators with research-based technology integration strategies and tools for customizing instruction and assessment using our eLibrary and SIRS online learning solutions. Schools receive the materials they need to build professional development and instructional models that can maximize teacher efficiency and effectiveness, and improve student achievement.

Educators receive rubrics, assessments, activities, and content designed to spur students' information literacy skills, critical thinking, and reading and writing abilities, while increasing their own technology usage. Plus, our flexible model ensures that all instructional staff in a school or system will benefit from the lessons learned.

Our fresh support for our line of SIRS solutions will train your teachers to fuse four types of literacy using SIRS resources with state and national learning standards. Find out more about this new program today--just in time for your spring training dates!

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CultureGrams can help you broaden your students' understanding of the world and its peoples. The World Edition includes 190+ country profiles, written for junior high students and older. CultureGrams also has a Kids Edition, Provinces Edition, and a States Edition, geared for upper elementary students. These editions include kid-friendly profiles of 70+ countries, all 50 states (including Washington, D.C.), and the Canadian provinces.

CultureGrams goes beyond mere facts and figures to deliver an insider's perspective on daily life and culture, including the history, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.

State: New Mexico

Did You Know?
  • One out of three families in New Mexico speaks Spanish at home.
  • Founded in 1610, Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the United States.
  • The largest chamber of Carlsbad Caverns is more than 10 football fields long and about 22 stories high.
New Mexico is the fifth largest state, with an area of 121,598 square miles (314,937 sq km). The state has four main regions: the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Plateau, the Basin and Range Province, and the Great Plains. The Rocky Mountains extend from Alaska clear down into northern New Mexico. A part of the Rockies, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are the highest mountain range in the state. In northwestern New Mexico lies the Colorado Plateau. This region is made up of layers of sandstone, limestone, and shale (thin, splintery rock deposits). Wind and water have carved through the rock to create high cliffs, flat highlands, and deep canyons. The Basin and Range Province, which includes mountains and desert valleys, spans the central and southern parts of the state. This is where most New Mexicans live. The Great Plains are in eastern New Mexico. Much of the landscape in this region is flat and perfect for raising cattle. The state's main river is the Rio Grande, which flows southward across the state.

The Anasazi (a Navajo word meaning “ancient ones”) were one of the first groups to settle in the southwest. The Anasazi built homes of dried mud and stone in places like Chaco Canyon. These homes were like apartment buildings, with multiple levels and rooms. Thousands of people might have lived in a single settlement. The Anasazi grew corn and beans and made pottery and jewelry. The Pueblo are descendants of the Anasazi.

Lincoln County Wars
In 1876, conflict erupted between cattle ranchers, sheepherders, and lawmen in Lincoln County. Competition for grazing land and cattle markets was intense, and sometimes the competition resulted in theft or violence. Some of the ranchers hired gunslingers (highly-skilled gunfighters) to threaten others and to protect themselves. Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney) was one of the gunmen hired by the ranchers. The ongoing feuds between ranchers and others lasted until 1878. Billy the Kid, later a famous outlaw, was shot by Pat Garrett in 1881.

To find out more about CultureGrams, connect to our website today.

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Each month, our SIRS® WebSelect and SIRS® Discoverer WebFind editorial teams scour the Internet for top-quality sites that help teachers teach and students learn. Although no Internet site can supplant a quality research database, these vetted resources offer unique resources that are sure to be of interest.
Sounds of China PodPage
Organization: ArtsEdge, The Kennedy Center

"In this audio series we explore unique aspects of Chinese music through sounds, performance and interviews. Users can listen online, download individual files, or subscribe to the Podcast....In this series, you will hear three episodes that each explores a different aspect of Chinese music--the endangered music of the Yunnan peoples; the traditional sounds of the pipa, bamboo flute, qin and other Chinese instruments; and the creative space between them, where sounds ancient and avant-garde intersect." (ARTSEDGE, THE KENNEDY CENTER)

Imperial Washington
Organization: American RadioWorks, American Public Media

"Members of Congress face many temptations, such as special interests who want to them on free trips golfing or fishing, to Bermuda or Wimbledon. But voters are demanding reform. Here, we look at how the perks lawmakers enjoy make it tough to clean up government, and what happens when newcomers try to play the lobbying game." (AMERICAN RADIOWORKS, AMERICAN PUBLIC MEDIA)

When Things Get Small
Organization: UCSD-TV

"What could a stadium-sized bowl of peanuts, a shrinking elephant, and a crazed hockey player have to do with nanoscience? Those are just some of the goofy excursions that await you when witty host Adam Smith and wacky physicist Ivan Schuller take you on an irreverent, madcap, comically corny romp into the real-life quest to create the smallest magnet ever known." (UCSD-TV)

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Our product trainers are standing by to help you get the most out of your subscription -- and learn more about our other digital learning resources! We offer a wide variety of online training sessions each month.

Plus, all attendees can easily obtain a Certificate of Attendance (right) for any of our online courses! The certificate documents the course name, amount of class time, date, and verifies attendance. You can use the certificate to document attendance in the class and submit it along with the additional documentation your school district requires for continuing education credits.

Be sure to tell your trainer that you would like to receive a certificate via email at the start of each class. They’ll be glad to help!

You can download three ready-to-print versions of forthcoming training dates and times in PDF format. Our training sessions cover after-school hours within several time zones. Best of all, there's no cost to participate. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a phone, and one hour.

Register for an eLibrary or additional ProQuest CSA solution course today.

You may also sign up for a timely enewsletter to receive training dates each month via email as soon as they're available.

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“My teachers, students and I continue to be very pleased with our ProQuest database. One of the best search results I've had in the last year is a student in a biology class that was researching avian flu around the world."

"Each pair of students had a particular country to investigate. The example I use when explaining to parents, school board members, legislators and others how useful this tool is, is the students whose country was Romania. I always show the students how to use the advanced search screen, telling them what a sophisticated search strategy they're learning. These students put in Avian flu and Romania, connecting their terms with AND. They got 12 results, all of them trustworthy, reliable, etc. Number one on the list was a story less than 24 hours old from the BBC. Such a source would never have been available in the days of Readers' Guide!”

Ellie Goldstein-Erickson
Library Media Teacher
Berkeley High School Library
What features of your ProQuest CSA solutions do you and your students find the most useful? Have you recently used or are planning to use eLibrary as part of an assignment or student research project? How do you and other curriculum leaders in your institution use your ProQuest CSA educational resources?

Share your experiences with peers working in schools across the country and around the world--through an upcoming Product News Bulletin! We're waiting to hear from you. Please send your ideas and stories to:

If we choose your submission, we'll contact you for additional information and permission to use your story in a future issue.

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ProQuest offers a growing family of K-12 classroom-focused, subscription-based online research tools. Many of these education solutions offer reading level-linked (lexile) content, support 21st-century information literacy skills, and help schools differentiate instruction across all curriculum areas.

Learn more about all of our tools here, tap into our training resources and videos, and don't miss our new eLibrary research tool (more). We also have a pair of special resource pages just for teachers (with lesson plans) and librarians.


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