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     March 2004


Our product development team is constantly reviewing customer feedback and making changes to our learning resources to meet your needs. Several updates to your ProQuest family of resources went live recently, and we wanted to bring them to your

-- Ethnic Newswatch Platform Change Completed

Platinum users can now access their Ethnic NewsWatch, ENW: A History, Alt-Press Watch, and GenderWatch databases through the main search page.

Ethnic NewsWatch provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of current and historical topics that truly represent the diversity of the American population in ways that are not seen in the mainstream media.

Mainstream newspapers, magazines, and even many history books have often presented incomplete pictures of the lives and contributions of large segments of the American population. With an un-equaled collection of articles, editorials, and reviews from a broad range of perspectives, Ethnic NewsWatch is an invaluable interdisciplinary resource for K-12 schools.

To see the product in action and review its features, retrieve our new PowerPoint demonstration (ZIP) today.

To find out more, connect to our Product Information Center, then sign up for a free 30-day trial. To obtain pricing information, call 1.800.521.0600, ext. 3344.


The celebration of Women’s History Month recognizes the continuing struggle by women in the U. S. and the world for equity and civil rights. ProQuest Platinum publications contain thousands of articles about this struggle, both from a historic and a current perspective.

Easy access to the following subjects will help students and teachers get the best articles for their Women’s History Month mini-research projects:

-- Click the Topic Guide tab.

-- Type Womens rights in the Find Term box.

-- Click Find Term button. The following subject terms will be listed:
  • Womens rights
  • Womens rights movement
  • Womens status
  • Womens studies
  • Womens suffrage
-- Click View articles to explore these topics and articles.

-- Click Marked List to collect the best articles for your report.


Students are fascinated by the past. Our popular Historical Newspapers (HNP) product offers schools a unique, affordable collection of historical documents. Every newspaper issue is reproduced, cover-to-cover, in full-page digital images—from news stories and editorials to graphics and advertisements.

Delivering the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Los Angeles Times (in progress), HNP offers an unparalleled resource for the study of historical events, social and consumer history, economics, and more.

Next Friday, March 19, marks a new milestone in the life of HNP. On that date, our subscribers will be able to choose the current Historical Newspapers interface or a new graphical student edition.

1. Traditional Interface

The traditional ProQuest search interface offers the powerful search and index capabilities you’ve come to expect from ProQuest. Students can search using keyword or Boolean queries, and can further target relevant results by date, author, article type, and more. Or, they can browse by publication date and issue. Students can also view, print, or email any article.

2. Graphical Student Interface

The graphical student search interface offers the features and flexibility to accommodate users at any level of expertise. The graphical interface delivers all the search options of the traditional interface—plus provides editorial content aligned to classroom and homework activities. These features actively help students quickly locate and access relevant historical newspaper documents. So, students spend more time using content, and less time finding it. Highlights include:

-- Student Edition Timeline topic browse covers the top 25 topics in history with articles on nearly 1,000 related key events. The articles are hand-selected based on their ability to illuminate and educate students about the events as they happened and add retrospective analysis, where appropriate. (Available June 2004.)

-- Famous dead people highlights the published obituaries and retrospectives of 500 of the most-studied and requested persons of the past 150 years. (Available April 2004.)

-- On this day showcases a high-impact newspaper front page for each day of the year—designed to immediately engage students in the database content and the use of historical documents through recognizable events. (Available May 2004.)

Want to take a look at this exciting new offering? Retrieve a short PowerPoint demonstration (ZIP) today.

To get pricing information, call 1.800.521.0600, ext. 3344.


Last week, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards withdrew from the race, ensuring John Kerry’s nomination to the Democratic ticket. While Kerry portrays himself as the underdog against a "Republican attack machine," Ralph Nader’s late entry into the race as an Independent will make it difficult to produce the signatures needed to get his name on state ballots.

Help your students stay up-to-date! SIRS’s new Focus on the 2004 Election feature provides background information and access to the most recent articles related to many aspects of the 2004 presidential election, including profiles of the candidates, and explorations of election issues, campaigning and the voting process.

You can access this material from a banner on the opening screen of the SIRS Knowledge Source and SIRS Interactive Citizenship interfaces, plus through a clickable link under SIRS Researcher's Database Features. You must be an existing subscriber to SIRS to access this special content.

Don’t miss out! Find out more about our complete line of SIRS products at the Product Information Center, then sign up for a free 30-day trial of SKS Knowledge Source to tap into our special election coverage.


Each month, our SKS WebSelect and Discoverer WebFind editorial teams scour the Internet for top-quality sites that help teachers teach and students learn. Although no Internet site can supplant a quality research database, these vetted resources offer unique resources that are sure to be of interest.

Tracking Creatures Through the Trackless Sea
Organization: The Why Files

Read about new advances in undersea tracking that may help preserve threatened sea creatures such as sea turtles and blue whales. “Where do big fish, turtles, seabirds and marine mammals travel? New tracking systems watch long-distance migrants moving through the ocean. Science benefits. Will vanishing critters be saved?” (The Why Files)

Anne Frank the Writer: An Unfinished Story
Organization: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)

"Between the ages of 13 and 15, Anne Frank wrote short stories, fairy tales, essays, and the beginnings of a novel. Five notebooks and more than 300 loose pages, meticulously handwritten during her two years in hiding, survived the war. Launch the exhibition 'An Unfinished Story' to reveal the original writings -- through sound and images -- of a young woman who had great ambition to be a writer and was exploring her craft." (USHMM)

The Renaissance Connection
Organization: Allentown Art Museum

"Welcome to The Renaissance Connection, the Allentown Art Museum's interactive educational website. With the simple click of a mouse button, travel 500 years into the past to discover many Renaissance innovations revealed through the Allentown Art Museum's Samuel H. Kress Collection of European art. Be a patron of the arts. Design your own innovation. Investigate Renaissance artworks in depth. Discover how past innovations inform life today. And more, all enhanced with quirky visuals, irreverent humor, and engaging interactivity that reveal the ways that Renaissance life and culture resemble our own." (Allentown Art Museum)


Hunting for information about ProQuest’s complete line of K-12 learning resources? Our informative and colorful 2003-2004 catalog is now available online in a handy Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. View or print a copy today.


Our ProQuest product trainers are standing by to help you get the most out of your resources—and learn more about our other offerings! Here’s the latest list of upcoming online training opportunities:

3/15 - SIRS Discoverer and WebFind - 4:50-5:50pm
3/15 - ProQuest Platinum - 6-7pm
3/16 - SIRS Govern. Reporter., Renaissance, WebSelect - 3-4pm
3/16 - eLibrary Elementary - 3-4pm
3/16 - eLibrary Elementary - 4:15-5:15pm
3/16 - SIRS Researcher - 4:45-5:45pm
3/16 - SIRS Govern. Reporter., Renaissance, WebSelect - 6-7pm
3/16 - SIRS Researcher - 6-7pm
3/17 - SIRS Interactive Citizenship - 4:50-5:50pm
3/17 - SIRS Discoverer and WebFind - 6-7pm
3/18 - SIRS Discoverer and WebFind - 4-5pm
3/18 - ProQuest Platinum - 4:50-5:50pm
3/18 - SIRS Interactive Citizenship - 6-7pm
3/18 - SIRS Discoverer and WebFind - 5:15-6:15pm
3/22 - Learning Literature and History Study Center - 3:30-4:30pm
3/23 - Learning Literature and History Study Center - 4:30-5:30pm
3/23 - eLibrary for Schools - 4:45-5:45pm
3/23 - eLibrary for Schools - 6-7pm

All times are eastern. There’s no cost to participate. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a phone, and one hour. Register today.


What features of ProQuest Platinum do you and your students find the most useful? Have you recently used or are planning to use ProQuest as part of an assignment or student research project? How do you and other curriculum leaders in your institution use your ProQuest educational resources?

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