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Maryland ProQuest Newsletter: Updates, Lesson Plans, and Activities for users of MD ProQuest solutions!
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  MD Icon Winter 2011
Maryland SIRS Database Updates
Published jointly by the MDK12 Digital Library and ProQuest, this enewsletter provides hands-on student activities for SIRS linked to Maryland state learning standards, news and reviews of the latest additions to your subscriptions, and much more. (Sign up here, or read back issues.)

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  Learning Activities: Maryland Standards
Waiting for Superman, a new documentary dramatizes a central truth about public education in the United States: Too many of our children are failing in school and dropping out. This documentary, whether you agree or disagree with it, has provided a great public service by accelerating the debate on solutions to this major social and economic problem.

One of the solutions proposed by Republicans prior to and during their recent successful election campaign is school vouchers. Our SIRS Leading Issue, "School Vouchers" provides a timely real-world connection to that controversy for students to research either a Pro or Con position.

Why is there opposition to a recent proposal of a return to the international monetary gold standard?

Your SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Decades subscriptions offer a pair of hands-on essential questions for critical thinking related to current and historical (1910-era) monetary policy: What currently backs the money supply of the U.S. and the world? What are the advantages of "fiat" money and fractional reserve systems?

  SIRS Discoverer Updates
New Content | Math | Resources
Have a problem? SIRS Discoverer can solve it! Basic facts, problem solving and critical thinking challenges are offered through math content and features in SIRS Discoverer.

SIRS editors carefully select and compile content in support of homework help, classroom instruction and test-taking practice in all curriculum areas—including math!

Access interactive math games, engaging lesson plans and activities in SIRS Discoverer's Skills Discoverer math section, or search Subject Heading Mathematics, Problems, exercises, etc. Math content can be used in the classroom, in the library, and at home!

Current Events, Political Cartoons, Maps & More

Tap into more fresh content from SIRS Discoverer Every day, our editorial team updates SIRS Discoverer with new articles and resources.

Below is a short list of the timeliest and most topical articles added to your product in recent weeks.

CLICK HERE to tap into more fresh content from SIRS...


National Debate Topics: Maryland Resources

Are your students participating in upcoming debates, or are you on the lookout for Maryland History Day resources? See below, and enjoy!

National Debate Topics

National History Day Theme
Debate & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences

National History Day
Getting Started

Maryland History Day
Maryland Humanities Council

Your Maryland statewide ProQuest databases—especially SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Decades, and SIRS Discoverer (details)—contain both basic and deep research resources focusing on the themes above.

Library Posters
Flyers & Usage Boosters

Our customizable posters, flyers, and other tools for many of your patron-ready research tools will help you increase usage of these critical resources in 2011 and beyond.

Compliments of ProQuest!

SIRS Spotlights + Challenge Quests
The diversity of winter festivals and observances around the world reflect the myriad cultures celebrating them. Because winter comprises the Northern Hemisphere's darkest and coldest months, fire and light are traditional symbols of celebrations in this half of the globe.

Learn more about global winter observances and celebrations in this month's Spotlight activity.

The political party that controls the governor's position in each state is particularly important in the years before a presidential election.

Our SIRS ChallengeQuest asks: How many states chose governors in the 2010 election? And why are the two donkeys in our featured political cartoon asking 'Is it too late to do something about unemployment?'

Top 3 Websites  
Each month, our SIRS team scours the Internet for top-quality websites for classrooms and libraries. Dive into this month's selections: Holidays, Pearl Harbor, Rosa's Bus.

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